LithTec is a high performance road system that transfers surface course structural credits into the base.

A LithTec base outperforms traditional results by providing super high strength with increased ductility, water resistance, decreased porosity, increased binding potentialm, abrasion resistance and durability.

LithTec's accelerated lithification technology customizes and optimizes the roadway mix design which exceeds your road design be meetig high performance crtieria achieving:

(Greater than)

> 500,000 psi Mr.

> 200 CBR

> 400 UCS

> 250 UCS (flood) and 

> .8 Strain / Failure

 Accelerated Lithification Technology

Rebuilding Failing Roadways at a Fraction of the Cost

 A Treated LithTec base advantages

  • Increases strength and ductility
  • Reduces permeability, keeping moisture out
  • Retains higher performance characteristics in flood situations
  • Reduces porosity under freeze/thaw conditions
  • Is uniform bound to distribute stress
  • reduces lift depth requirements
  • Is equvalent to a semi-rigid pavement according to Engineer's reporting